Friday, May 14, 2010

coffee buzzzzz

It is official. I'm a coffee snob.  Yesterday I went to Starbucks twice. And was disappointed. Twice. 

Ok, I think my world just came crashing down. 

Here's the thing... Starbucks is who taught me to like coffee/espresso in the first place. Who has caused this divide between me and my first love?

Enter Saeco Royal Exclusive 30153 Espresso Machine. 

This is the mother of all coffee makers. The beans and water go in the machine so you don't have to grind them, you don't have to get out a filter, you don't even have to fill it up with water if you hook it up to a water line. All you do is push a button to tell it what you want, it even steams the milk! Hello! This is everything I ever dreamt of. Once I figure out how to get this electronic servant to make whole wheat pancakes I will be set for life. 

Amazon is sold out, but Ebay has several refurbished options available. I might have to save up a few paychecks and purchase one, or I might never go back to school! Either that or spend all of July gradually weaning myself of this double-shot latte habit. 

On another note, my darling boyfriend is coming to visit for the weekend and I cannot wait to show off my new-found barista skills!

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