Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Perfectly Polished

Sunday night I pulled my first all-nighter of college. 14 hours in the library, multiple cups of coffee, and 20 pages later, I finished the night, er morning, with breakfast, a shower, and a nap. After I woke from my slumber at approximately 1:30pm (yikesorama), I rewarded myself with a trip to Ulta and later had chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream for dinner. You're only in college once, right?

Well, now let's talk about nail polish. 

These are the latest additions to the family... I mean collection.

1. Cozu-melted in the Sun, from the Mexico collection (just in time for Cinco de Mayo!) In person it looks a little more pink than the picture... and mega-sparkly.)
2. Conga-line Coral- so bright and fun... perfect for summer!
3. Melon of Troy- I tried this color out when I got a mani/pedi last weekend, and it is lovely!

To the untrained eye they may all seem strikingly similar in color, but I assure you they are vastly different. And I love them. Happy girl... and did I mention that it's summer? Holler. 

1 comment:

  1. Addition to the family! hahaha. I love this post! Such fun colors cait! i love you!



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