Thursday, August 2, 2012

bad habits & pet peeves

I'm a peach when it comes to my skincare regimen... washing my face every night and cleaning my makeup brushes regularly... but if we're being honest I hold on to mascara way too long. I just like it better after it's a few (meaning 6) months old. My mom is totally cringing as she reads this.

I can be a little bossy without realizing it. A friend once called it "oldest child syndrome," explaining that everything her oldest sister says sounds like a command! I asked my younger sister if she found it to be true, and (of course) she agreed but consoled me with "I know it's just how you are..." 

When I like a song? I listen to it repeatedly. Like, start-it-over-before-it-ends, repeatedly

Another bad habit? I generally don't like people off the bat. Which is dumb, and as soon as I get to know someone I think "Why didn't I like you to begin with?" 

I hoard coffee mugs. Dirty ones pile up all over the house. I don't like to wash them too soon, for fear I might need another cup later in the day. Every. Single. Day. It drives my dad crazy. I'm like the girl from Signs who leaves water glasses all over the house. I will point out that she saved their lives when the alien invasion happened, so maybe my behavior is justified. (That's how the movie went, right? I've never been crazy for science fiction.)

I have a voracious sweet tooth. It got so out of hand, in fact, that I was starting every single day with a cookie (with my morning coffee) and craving dessert after every meal. I've tried to cut back, but there are still days (like today) when I can't resist something sweet and chocolatey.
It's silly though... even with all my bad habits, I still have pet peeves, or things that other people do that drive me crazy. Nail biters (literally) make me nauseous, there's something about the germs that get trapped under your nails that really makes me feel sick when I see someone chomping away. I cannot stand a sense of entitlement (as is so typical of my generation.) And I hate being told  commanded what to do. Bad manners, copy cats, and rude drivers are up there too. (But if we're being fair, I guess that means we should add road rage to the list of bad habits too...)

So spill... what are your bad habits? And pet peeves?

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  1. I have a voracious sweet tooth, too! When we have homemade cookies in the apartment, I totally eat one (or two) for breakfast each day until they are gone. It's perfectly understandable. ;) My pet peeve is when someone licks (or worse, sucks on) their fingers after eating something messy.



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