Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My mom has always been exceptionally stylish. She has great taste, and we are about the same size, so stealing borrowing her clothes is ideal. I trust her taste, too. Whenever I'm not sure about something, she's the first person I ask. Even when I was off at college, I'd text her pictures of shoe options or jewelry or whatever the indecision of the day was.

Saturday afternoon though, she hit it out of the park in the wardrobe department. Really. She walked out wearing this and I couldn't help but remark, "MOM you look like such a Pinterest girl!" 
She's a master layerer, and this mixture of textures is spot on. Mixing different materials can be tricky, and you have to pay careful attention to weight. The lace skirt, cashmere sweater, chambray shirt, and sweater tights combo is perfection. The distressed boots are the perfect counterpart to monograms and vintage pearls, as they keep the look from being too preppy.
What can I say... my mom, the fashion icon. 

Whose style do you admire?


  1. Well....this was a sweet surprise! Too funny! I take you with me to pick out glasses! My sweet fashionista....love you much.

  2. I love her outfit! I'd go shopping with you both anytime. ;) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!



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