Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shameless Saturday

Guys, I'm tired. Do you ever get that way? It has been a busy week and by the time I got off work last night, covered in sweat & sweet tea, I was exhausted. I slept in late today & have every intention of being shamelessly lazy until I go to work tonight. I hope you're relaxing a bit this weekend & that it's sunny and beautiful wherever you are. xoxo

Hey! It's ok...

... if you never got into The Bachelor. Or The Bachelorette. Or Bachelor Pad. But you've seen every episode of Everyday Italian.

... if you're already thinking about what you're going to wear/eat/drink on Wednesday's night out, but to not know what you're doing this afternoon.

... if "adverse weather" justifies drinking coffee, painting your nails, and watching SATC reruns all morning.

...if the zesty Kraft guy wants to make me a salad... make my day, buddy.

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