Monday, June 24, 2013

boudoir, bandeau

To say that my bedroom is girly would be an understatement. It is clean, romantic, and feminine... creamy peachy hues, glittering gold, and a boatload of candles. It's more than a bedroom, it's my boudoir. It makes me feel like a fabulous French woman as I'm getting ready. I find myself traipsing around in my silk robe, swiping on a little lipstick and twirling through an extra spritz of perfume. Another girly touch? Lacy bandeaus. 
I've been wearing them under pretty much everything, but I'm especially fond of the look under sheer blouses. The lace peeks out a slight bit, and when the light hits just right you can see the faint outline. Sexy in a subtle sort of way...
[the only problem with my girly room? it's almost too conducive for playing dress-up... my sister came over & we ended up with the entire contents of my closet on my bed.]
I find they work well under camisoles too, sparing you the trouble of an unintentionally exposed bra...
p.s. similarly, my rules for exposed bras here...

[all tops: CAbi, pink shorts: forever 21, all bandeaus: american eagle]

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  1. Love them all.... and I found myself admiring your mirrors!



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