Thursday, May 31, 2012


Let me make myself clear: I've always had a fairly firm stance on the issue of underwear. It should be kept under clothes... pretty simple. I've never been one to let it all hang out, and I truly shudder at the thought of a panty slip or an errant bra strap. That was until I saw this picture of Olivia Palermo on Pretty Stuff last week and I must admit it got my wheels turning...
In my opinion, Olivia's classic, ladylike style is marked by her attention to detail and chic femininity. She always looks perfectly put together, in an easy, effortless sort of way. So how do we feel about this exposed bra? To be perfectly honest, I'm kind of in love with it. I've decided there are a few simple rules to making it work though. 
1. Keep the rest of the look conservative. Too much skin + exposed unmentionables and you might get picked up off the street corner. 
2. No cleavage. The look should be subtle, but sultry. Demure, not pornographic.
3.  Be intentional in selecting color. For something neutral, go with black (nude would just be weird.) If you want something bold, choose something complimentary to the rest of the outfit. Just throwing in a random red bra is a surefire way to look tawdry. But if it matches the floral pattern in the dress perfectly? Now we are talking. 

So what do you think? If you're interested in trying the look, American Eagle (?!?) has a few cute options on the cheap...
Browse more here

p.s. As for exposed underwear... just... no. Never. Not ok.


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  2. Oh I had never, ever thought of this but I think I like it. We will see if I'm bold enough to try.

  3. I like it :) maybe I should try it....and the last pic...had me rolling. ha ha HA!

  4. That last photo is hilarious! I like the colors you picked. What a neat look!

  5. Ah I love Olivia! Why do we always find that we have more in common that we realize?



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