Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The latest Anthropologie catalog came in this morning's mail and I can't imagine a better way of spending the first day of May than lounging in the hammock, flipping through the endlessly inspiring pages of this fine magazine catalog. I have a confession: spring fashion isn't my favorite. I much prefer summer's bold hues to spring's stereotypical pastels, and the temperamental weather always poses a threat. The May 2012 catalog was just the boost I needed to re-energize my passion for spring fashion. I'm gravitating toward bold lips, straw bags, easy hair, and loose, feminine fabrics (hmm.. that sounds like what I love most about summer! No matter...) Here are some of my favorite looks:
 [This is my favorite image from the entire catalog, in fact, I plan on posting it on my mirror as soon as we finish up here. The lips, sunnies, low ponytail, basket, bike, etc. I love the skinny white jeans paired with a billowy tunic in a soft floral pattern. #iwanttobeher]
 [hoping to experiment with head scarves without channeling my inner Sunni. sorry, that was totally not p.c.]
 [bright, playful colors, up-swept hair] 
 [gauzy sweater, layered necklaces]

What are you wearing this month? 

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