Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm going to be really honest here: it's not always sunshine and rainbows in the land of funemployment. Now granted, I'm not technically unemployed, seeing as I still have my job at the restaurant. And it's really not a bad gig: great money, 30ish hours a week, flexible schedule, mornings at the gym, afternoons at the beach, and drinks with friends when we get off in the evenings. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, because I know my existence is idyllic. And most days I wake up happy as a clam.

And then there are mornings, like this one, when I wake up feeling completely burnt out, uninspired, just dreadful. Coffee helps. And breakfast usually turns things around. But accomplishing something? Total game changer.

Have you ever poached an egg? Me either. Until this morning. In fact, my limited knowledge of poaching came from this scene from Julie & Julia, which was enough to scare me out of even attempting such a task.

But this morning I needed to poach an egg. I found this microwave method and it was simple and straightforward (which is exactly the kind of instructions you need when you're fully convinced your life is in shambles.) 
Paired with wilted spinach and creamy, comforting brie it made a delicious sandwich. A poached egg has all the glorious, runny-yolk goodness of a fried egg, over-easy, but the white is even more delicate (which was the perfect complement to my fragile frame of mind.)


  1. I have been spending time researching new ways to make eggs (yes, that is one thing I spent my work day doing and I would take exciting restaurant moments over these sometimes boring ones) and will definitely be utilizing your link soon. Thanks, Caitlin!

  2. Ok, I needed to see this post today. Not only am I in the same boat of being unemployed and on the burnt-out side of boredom, but I have been attempting to poach the perfect egg for seriously... 3 years now? This is the perfect motivation I needed to read today. Don't worry, we'll get somewhere soon! And this movie clip made me laugh out loud. Have a good Tuesday! :)

  3. Love Julie & Julia, and that scene scared me away from ever attempting a poached egg, good for you lady!

    I know exactly how you feel. I am in kinda the same boat, and sure there are good days, days I am so happy and thankful, but there are the days in between sometimes, where I feel completely useless. "What am I doing with my life" thoughts.... God's plan and timing is funny sometimes, we just have to wait it out and see what he has in store for us. Good luck with everything, I feel better knowing I have a kindred spirit in this situation.

  4. I love poached eggs and the fact that you successfully attempted to make one is awesome and quite impressive. I have yet to try it, but will now after reading your post.

    I understand the way you are feeling and was there once too. But take it from someone who does work full time (in fact 6 days a week), use the time you have now to really relish in the simple and fun things you get to do because your job is so flexible. There are so many days that I wake up wishing I could lay by the pool or beach with a good book, actually enjoy a real breakfast and not one that is comprised of a thermos of coffee and a granola bar or going to have drinks with friends. When you actually start working full time, it's harder to find the time to slip them back into your schedule.

    But keep your head up and continue searching. Your dream job is out there, you just have to continue being persistent. Good luck.



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