Tuesday, May 29, 2012

on my mind...

monday, tuesday, thursday, wednesday...
does anybody really know what time it is//
so many tabs. saved for later. abandoned. new ones being opened as we speak.
in my mind and on my desktop.
clutter and chaos. fan humming, television babbling, but quiet in the midst of things.
the bottom of another coffee mug. 
timelines and deadlines. tan lines and fine lines. 
the sun fighting with the clouds and then it's June by the end of the week.
where are the days going, where does the time slip to?
swimming upstream or treading water.
just keep swimming.
like the sound of the sea when you get pulled under. the waves swirl in angry torrents overhead and for a moment: nothing. profound silence and... blank. 
so what to do when you think something is right 
but it just feels wrong. 
and when you think something is wrong 
but it feels right.
head or heart, brain or gut. 
what wins out in the end?
like a flower, growing toward the light. water and sunshine, roots deeply clenching the earth. 
"the grass withers and the flowers fade..."

your turn. 

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1 comment:

  1. I love this. beautifully written. I love how you can express feelings and emotions without too many words or an explanation. Its just on your mind....

    Glad you're doing this :) I miss the "littlebee"



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