Friday, June 1, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Hi hii my darlings! How was your week? This one seemed to fly by at lightning speed (or tornado speed, if we take into account the one that ripped through our neighborhood Wednesday morning. Fortunately none were injured and aside from a big mess, damages were minimal.) 

So what are your plans for the weekend? My sweet grandparents are in town for the youngest one's 8th grade graduation. Again I ask, where does the time go? Looking forward to spending the next few days with family and relaxing a little. I hope your weekend is wonderful, wherever you are. Until Monday...

Hey! It's ok...

... to write off a mani/pedi as a medical expense. If not for the sake of your blistered toes, at least for your mental well-being. (I mean hey, it's cheaper than therapy and you end up with perfectly polished piggies.)

... to floss every night in hopes of adding 6.4 blissful years of funemployment to your life.

... to devour the handful of peanut M&Ms you find loose at the bottom of your purse. No questions asked. 


  1. I heard about the tornado! glad everyone is ok. oh coastal living...

    And I can.not. believe C.J. is graduating from the 8th grade!!! wowowowow. time does fly...have fun with your family!


  2. Oh, I can do some serious damage to a bag of peanut M&Ms! :) I love your guilt-free Friday posts, Caitlin.



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