Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Treat Yo Self

I'm in the throes of my first deadline. It's Friday, and I have to have 16 pieces completed. I'm kind of freaking out... mainly because I've done all the posts I was excited about/thought I could manage pretty easily. Now I have only the most arduous tasks left. Note to self: Bad strategy. I'm trying to stay motivated by promising myself all kinds of things upon completion. Here are some things currently topping the list:

1. Massage. Full-body, deep-tissue, stranger-greasing-me-down-and-rubbing-all-up-on-me massage. I have fully rationalized this one with the fact that my neck is still out of whack, but I'd much rather spend $75 on a massage than a chiropractor.

2. Bubble bath. The idea of just sitting and soaking and not thinking or brainstorming is incredibly appealing at the moment.

3. iPad. Ok, I've wanted one ever since I hijacked my moms and took it to Hawaii with me. Practical? Not really. Fun? Absolutely. Also, after learning that the "mobile hotspot" feature will be included in my cell service package next month... completely rational. 
4. Wine. I'd be lying if I said I'm not having a glass right now. But sanity preservation is a top priority. And wine helps. I'm starting to understand why they drink so much on Mad Men. 
[things to note: 1. the glass is empty. 2. the coffee ring on my notebook. whatever it takes to get you though the day...]
5. Chocolate. I'm still trying to detox from sugar, abstaining from desserts during the week. Buuut I might be making an exception once all of this gets taken care of. And by exception I mean a giant slab of chocolate cheesecake. Or something like that. 

So tell me, how do you like to reward yourself?

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