Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Have you tried Birchbox yet? After hearing rave reviews for months, reading the feature in Matchbook mag, and then a friend at work telling me "It's like Christmas every month!" I finally signed up. My first box came today and my friend was totally right.

We've talked before about packaging in the cosmetics industry,  but Birchbox takes it to another level. From the pretty pink paper to the friendly "Hi there" they use as a greeting... the entire experience felt like one of my best gal pals sent me a few of her favorite beauty products to try.
This month's theme is Jet Set, which didn't help my severe case of wanderlust, but it was loads of fun. The contents:
So far I have tried Stila's One Step Bronze and the lip/cheek stain by the Balm. I fell in love with the stain instantly. The bronzer is actually an illuminating serum. It's not something I would have picked up off the shelf, and it's probably more sparkly than I would usually go for, but I like it. That's the awesome thing about Birchbox... it gets you to try some things you probably wouldn't. As for the tan towels... I'm skeptical. I've rarely seen tan towels work out for people (streak city, chick.) And the peanut butter cookie Luna bar? Right up my alley (I mean if going to Subway for a peanut butter cookie, or three, isn't an option. Which it's not.)

And can we just talk about Wonderstruck? Taylor, Taylor... I just might be passing this one off to my little sister. :)

So tell me, have you tried Birchbox? 

p.s. Let me know if you want me to send you an invite!


  1. I love Birchbox! I received some of the same things you did. I used the Stila illuminating bronzer this morning and thought it was a bit too sparkly for me, but after I put on my Bare Minerals foundation the sparkle became more subdued. Like you I wouldn't have picked it up if I was in the store, but I do have to admit that I kind of like it. Now that lip/cheek stain...I LOVE IT! How awesome is that stuff! I don't know about the tan towels...isn't it a girls worst nightmare to be orange and streaky.... I'm glad you tried Birchbox. Can't wait to see what we get next month!

  2. Oh my gosh. I have to do this!

  3. yeah! send me an invite! I love luna bars, they're delish.

  4. You finally signed up? My Mom has been telling me too for awhile. Think I will now... :)



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