Friday, June 15, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Hey kids... it's Friday. Between the kink I've had in my neck for... wait for it... three weeks, the fact that I haven't had chocolate since last Sunday (dessert detox) and being stuck inside today while the weather is beyond glorious.... it's safe to say I'm a stage 4 Crankenstein. I'm trying to shake the feeling with lots of caffeine and a celebratory weekend to look forward to. Now if I can just make it through the rest of the day... :)

I hope you're having a happy, non-cranky day. Or if you are feeling irritable, I hope you can at least ease the pain with cookies. Have a fun weekend! Until next time...

Hey! It's ok... 

... to be a little embarrassed when you scramble for your iPhone only to realize it was someone else's phone ringing. And to continue checking nonexistent text messages, emails, and missed calls in an effort to preserve your reputation... "I can't help that I'm so popular..."

... if detoxing brings out the most toxic side of your personality.

... to kind of feel like Rocky as you mentally prepare for the VS Semi-Annual Sale... cue music...

1 comment:

  1. I love the Rocky reference! I hope that your neck feels better soon. :(



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