Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday...

Today my sweet sister turns 16. I cannot believe it. She is just as smart and beautiful as she always has been, but each day I become increasingly more aware of how much I cherish and admire her. God is funny like that... He gives you a little sister and you think you're responsible for molding her and shaping her into the person she will someday become. You think you're supposed to set an example for her, to teach and guide her. But quite the opposite is true. She'll surprise you: showing grace in situations when you yourself would be anything but gracious, persevering when the cards are stacked against her, and comforting and caring for you when all this time you thought it was your responsibility to look after her. 
Happy Sweet Sixteen, princess! 
I love you more than words can say. 


  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday Janie!

    Oh, and thanks for the peach advice! Bought some today, and am going to try them out this weekend. Will let you know how it goes! ;)

  2. You are both beautiful ladies of God! Thank you for living for HIM b/c I know my daughter's look up to you:)

    Happy Birthday! Love you both!


  3. Awww. I can't believe that she is 16 years old now! I still remember those two as little kiddos on Mrs. Pruitt's bus route. I suppose I was little, too!



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