Friday, February 7, 2014

Guilt-free Friday!

Hi cats. It's Friday! Truth be told, it's been a long week & I'm greeting this weekend with open arms. Nothing too exciting on the books, but it's sure to be an adventure. I must admit I'm getting SO excited for Valentine's Day. Let's be real- it's the only holiday that directly caters to my needs: chocolate, wine, flowers, and so much LOVE. So around these parts it's all things pink and RED (as in a wine tasting at one of our favorite spots) and some last minute shopping for the near & dears. Hope your weekend is sweet too. 

Hey! It's ok…

If you're slightly germaphobic when it comes to sharing gym equipment or shaking hands with strangers, but you subscribe to the 5 second rule as soon as that dark chocolate almond hits your kitchen floor []

If you refuse to acknowledge the humble opinion of a lowly groundhog unless he comes heralding good news. [6 more weeks of this crap? Ain't nobody got time for that.]

If buying new running shoes feels like choosing a life mate. [holy.decisions. finally decided on these guys when I learned the color was called "Diva Pink"]

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