Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here's to...

I've always admired people who have the ability to raise a glass and propose a proper toast. Probably because toasting combines my two passions: drinking and communication! I read an article in Esquire about how it's a lost art, especially in the US, and I couldn't help but agree. The British Royal Navy, for example, has a toast for each day of the week (Saturday is my favorite!)

Did you know North Carolina has a state toast? I loved the idea of memorizing it, but I was intimidated when I realized it's several paragraphs long! On a recent car ride though, as I was fighting sleep (I make a terrible co-pilot) we decided the give it our best shot. We picked our favorite paragraph (the last one)
It's become a tradition for us to split the toast (I do the first two, he does the last two) when we open a bottle of wine. 

What do you drink to? 

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