Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shameless Saturday

Wow. It's been one of those weeks, the kind that fly by because there's not enough hours and each day is just filled to the brim with so much. By the end of it, you feel like a whole year has passed in those seven days... and it kind of did, because the clock changed from 2012 to 2013 and the days to follow were full of other exciting, terrifying changes too. And today is only the 5th. 

I have a confession... I don't like most change. And decisions, I kind of hate them. But that's what life is made of. So between a spontaneous wedding (not mine) and a booked flight to a new city (San Diego!) and a new job (in fashion?!) and other big girl things that are almost to scary to speak of because I don't want to jinx it... it's safe to say I'm a little overwhelmed. 

My to do list? Still long. Like a giant bowl of pasta that you eat and eat but it doesn't seem to get any emptier. But I did manage to beat the cold I was battling and I swapped out my navy nails for a happy shade of pink. And tomorrow? It's back to the grind. 

Hey! It's ok... verbally (to yourself, of course) respond to aggravating text messages and emails with the sassiest you've got. And then not respond at all. "If you can't say something nice..."

...if you can't leave Target without a) spending $100 b) a candle the size of your head.

...if too many choices means no choice at all. Seriously, I'm rendered helpless at the word "options."

...if donuts are always a good idea.  And if dragging your little brother along somehow justifies your consumption of 2000 calories worth of sugar before 10am. 


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