Friday, January 31, 2014

Guilt-free Friday!

Hello loves, it's Friday!? This week has been a fantastically drowsy blur. We got "snow" here in Coastal Carolina (more on that later!) so life stood still for a few days. Now the ice melts outside my window, slowly and surely, reminding me life too must begin again. I feel refreshed. It was a welcome break, a nice change of perspective, and the perfect dose of winter. Now the sun is back with a vengeance, and my spring fever with equal vigor. But for now, tomorrow is February, and you know how I love all things sweet

In the mean time, it's the weekend… I hope yours is the happiest. xoxo

Hey! It's ok… 

If all "beach body preparations" are being abandoned until after Valentine's Day. (I'm lookin at you, Ferrero Rocher) 

If Adult Snow Days include significantly more red wine than hot cocoa. 

To rep your favorite team on Sunday… even if they're not actually in the Super Bowl this year. (Go Panthers!)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

put an egg on it

Remember when we talked about microwave poaching? That's for babies. I poached an egg on the stove last week sans vinegar which officially makes me a culinary B.A. 
Ok, since we're doing this whole honesty, full-disclosure thing
1.  I wanted a salad for lunch, but a girl’s gotta eat! I needed protein too and I was out of chicken. I like to save grocery store trips for torrential downpours, so that didn't happen until later in the day (cue thunder and lightning)
2. As far as groceries go? Out of white vinegar too. (I do have a fine, aged balsamic, but research shows it doesn’t have the same effect. Drats.) 
3. My (shanty)townhouse's microwave is rusted through, so microwave poaching would probably result in a display resembling the 4th of July. Don't even get me started on microwave popcorn. [Update: My microwave has been replaced. Praise.]

But y’all. It’s really not that hard!
So here’s the long and the short of it. I immediately texted my dad (natch) b/c he’s kind of an egg guy. One great thing about my dad is that he makes the same cheesy jokes over and over, but I swear they get funnier every time. One of those jokes is “Put an egg on it…” which he really does say about pretty much everything.  I was thrilled to find this book for him for Christmas. But really it’s kind of true… you can put an egg on just about anything. And if it’s perfectly poached? (insert pat on back) Winner winner chicken egg dinner… er, lunch.
So tell me, do you relegate eggs to Saturday mornings, or have you tried them in other interesting dishes too?

p.s. as far as poaching goes… the swirl is crucial. :) 

Monday, January 6, 2014


Here's to…

…cutting to the chase

…trusting the process

...structure, discipline, goals

…being honest, staying true

…more face time (and FaceTime) 

…the heroine and not the damsel

…beyond your wildest dreams

…more second chances, less second guessing

…fewer walls, more windows

…more comfortable beyond the comfort zone

… writing, for heaven's sake! 

…holding hands, holding my tongue, holding every thought captive

…giving less, taking more [advice, that is]

...doing all things with great love.

Never a resolution, always a toast. 

It's been a wild one. I look back at previous toasts for 2011, 2012, and 2013 and it's crazy to think about the ride (and to think we've been toasting this long!) 

A little late, but I hope your 2014 is off to a fabulous start, let's have an amazing year. xo


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