Monday, December 31, 2012


Here's to...

...letting go, but holding fast

...the extra mile, the scenic route

...true, pure, lovely

...trying. Failing sometimes, succeeding others, persisting always.

...getting your hands dirty

...more manicures and massages, less stressing and complaining

...the quiet stillness more, reaching more, touching more.

...the things that scare you, in an exciting sort of way.


Not a resolution, but a toast.

Wishing you a world of adventure, excitement, and love in 2013. xo

[Toasts from 2010 and 2011]
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Y'all. Y'allllll. This week has been in-sane in the men-brane. Seriously. So much going on, here & there & everywhere. Lots of big, exciting news, but I think I might hold out on you, just a few days, and enjoy this sweet holiday with the family. Truth be told, it really snuck up on me. Before you know it, ready or not, Christmas is here! So, on to the first batch of Christmas cookies & wrapping up the Christmas shopping that I started just yesterday!! Madness, I know, but in a deliriously fun and exciting kind of way. Also on this weekend's agenda? A Pink Martini Concert with all the favorites and a work party that promises to be just a little rowdy... 'Tis the season, right?

Hugs and mistletoe kisses to you and yours. xoxo

Until next time... Hey! It's ok...

...If a Crewcuts catalog has you fully convinced that you might actually be a suitable mother after all (as long as a J. Crew model is the father...)

...If you can't tell if you love the haircut or if you just so happen to have a huge, lesbian crush on Jessica Alba.

....If figuring out your favorite Michael Jackson song feels like a defining moment...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Emerald City

I tend to gravitate toward warmer colors, and the deep hues of fall are some of my favorites. My skin tone has some hints of olive (I've been asked on numerous occasions what nationality I am...) and shades of green typically accentuate that olive shade in the worst way, meaning I start looking like I skipped the Dramamine and decided to take a scenic drive off the side of cliff. Lately though, a shade of emerald has caught my eye, and, almost magically, I don't look the least bit nauseated when I wear it. 
It all started when I wore this dress in Miami & the rave reviews from my faithful Facebook friends (which really just means a few select members of my immediate family... thanks mom) made me feel like a Kardashian... In a good way (if that's possible)

Spotted on Pinterest, and loved. 
And liking the idea of pants...
I usually play it safe with olive skinnies, but a pop of this amped up hue could be just the thing to beat the winter blues...

And if there's ever any doubt, Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere... perfection.
Oddly enough, a recent J. Crew catalog included a 6 page spread on the color... J. Crew, I'm onto you...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things that are worth it.

I've been thinking about things that are worth it. Sometimes "it" is a little extra money, in other situations "it" is a little extra time. Whatever "it" is, some things just worth it. This is what I've come up with so far...

1. Waiting for the water to heat up
2. Putting on mascara, even if it makes you late for work. 
3. The difference between "tall" and "grande"
4. "Licensed Professional"
5. iWhatever. 
6. A pen that makes your handwriting not quite so terrible. Perfect penmanship? That's a stretch. But legible? I'll take it. 
7. An ad-free Pandora listening experience during election season
8. Jeans that make your bum look fabulous.
9. Heated seats.
10. Calling a cab
11. "Just five more minutes..."
12. The gift that makes their face light up
13. That phone call you didn't really feel like making, but afterward you feel so much better.
14. Being there. Wherever "there" is, however far you have to travel, being there is worth it.
15. Drinking what you really want to drink, even though it's not on special. 
16. A shopping spree that turns your mood around. 
17. Doing what you love, even if it means a pay cut. 
18. Quality (leather goods, chocolate, coffee, and wine.)
19. "One-of-a-kind"
20. a view
21. the 45 cents it costs to mail that letter you've been meaning to write, the thank you note to your sweet aunt, or that birthday card to your grandpa. 

So tell me, what's worth it to you?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hey mama

I'm working in the office today, Which would lead you to believe I... 1. showered 2. dressed in business attire 3. am actually doing work.

Instead though, I... 1. Have dirty hair in a messy ponytail 2. Am wearing 3 different patterns (at the same time) 3. Am listening to old-school Kanye West (hence the blog title) and drinking excessive amount of coffee (as per usual) 

Before I left the house though, I walked into the kitchen to pick up some outgoing mail & my mom and I realized we kind of match. We are both super into the holidays. Like for real. But we try to save the Santa suits and light-up sweaters for the week before Christmas. We keep it festive the rest of December, but in a subdued kind of way. This is our take on semi-seasonal style. So you can be kind of Christmasy without looking like you work in your local mall's "North Pole," ya dig?
[patterns in action; stripes, leopard, and laceprintfloral? Yeah, I went there, but the black keeps the look grounded. and if anyone even tries to question my legitimacy, I'm wearing a massive timepiece, so clearly I mean business.]
Mom's scarf (by CAbi) is the perfect shade of red, and it's lightweight, making it appropriate for this 65 degree day.
Ok, so maybe we don't match, but our approach is similar. Relaxed and causal with bold pops of color. 

p.s. You might recognize my sweater, it's made it to the blog before. For some reason, every time I wear it I feel like a fashion blogger. Go figure. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I came here today wanting to tell you something funny, or creative, or insightful. I wanted to share something brilliant and ground-breaking, or maybe something lighthearted but inspirational. Instead though, I woke up feeling tired. I didn't sleep well and I was tormented with the worst kind of dreams, the ones that you wake up and your mind is reeling because you can't tell which parts were real and which parts were your subconscious playing nasty tricks on you.

It happens sometimes.

There's a lot to do and there's even more to look forward to, but sometimes I just get stuck. One part writers block, professionally speaking, but when that stuck feeling digs its cold fingers deep into other aspects of life and grabs hold of you? I guess you could call it a rut. 

Hot coffee, the soft glow of the most delicious Christmas candle, and a few inspirational quotes all encouraging me to continue powering through, and before you know it, there's the old, familiar sound of yesterday's glitzy, gold manicure clicking away along the keyboard...
All this & more here. xo

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Artisan by John Varvatos

I opened my November Birchbox to find a men's cologne sample. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little perturbed. The theme for the month was "Give" and the idea was to give this little sample to a special man in your life. (I hope you're reading that in a bratty voice.) I figured I could pass it off to my dad or one of my brothers, but boys just don't get it, you know?

To a girl, a perfume sample is a little slice of heaven. It's excitement, adventure, the opportunity to try something new without the commitment of a whole bottle. To a boy though, it's just a shrunken vile of scented water. Guys just don't appreciate stuff like that and removing the miniature cap is often more trouble than it's worth (I tend to agree to some extent, those caps are a royal bee.) 

I decided to smell it before giving it away though, and I instantly fell in love with the refreshingly clean, citrusy scent. I dabbed on just a little (feeling 1 part rebellious and 1 part transgendered) but my mom and sister both confirmed that it smelled really wonderful. I will admit it is masculine, but in a sexy, irreverant kind of way. Nothing like my high school days when pubescent boys doused themselves in Axe to mask the stench of their post-PE sweat.

I've never been a fan of overly sweet perfumes, and I certainly believe less is more when it comes to the fragrance department. That's why I really love Artisan by John Varvatos.   
So dish. What do you think of women wearing men's fragrances? What do you wear? My everyday is Twirl by Kate Spade, but I'm really tempted to mix it up with Artisan. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

if you must...

The past few years I've felt kind of silly asking for anything for Christmas. I'm 23 and I have more than I could ever dream of. But still, year after year, December rolls around and my grandmother turns into Mrs. Claus, my siblings complain that they don't know what to get the girl who has everything, and I'm pretty sure my mom is just looking for an excuse to shop (I'm on to you, woman) So here it is... a list, of sorts. I think shopping for me is pretty simple... If it's gold, a little luxurious, or in any way related to coffee or wine, you're set.
1. Starbucks mugs (Taylor gave me a pretty white mug with a dainty gold handle a few Christmases ago, and I'm thinking it't the perfect start to a lovely collection, no?)
2. a plush stole with the perfect pop of red
3. kate spade iPad sleeve, for the girl who "works from home" (and you can put a new iPad in there, while you're at it.)
 4. fair isle leggings, to mix it up from last year's pajama sets. I like the idea of pairing these with an equally eye-catching, cozy sweater for opening presents and drinking mimosas on Christmas morning.
5. Sugar's berry merriment set, for obvious reasons
6. this print would be perfect in a kitchen
7. fancy French tea, overpriced and moderately indulgent
8. this jeweled barrette, because it's glitzy enough to make black leggings and a broken-in, men's v-neck tee feel fabulous.
9. the best wine glasses. Confession: I'd rather drink mediocre wine out of a nice glass than a fabulous vintage out of a dixie cup. Maybe it's a little pretentious, but I think the glass truly makes the experience. These by Schott Zweisel are my abs fave, bar none.  They are break/chip/scratch-resistant, and shockingly lightweight considering how remarkably durable they are. 
10. kinfolk vol. 6, to read by the fire of course


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