Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Bling

Saturday morning my mom and I ventured out to a holiday craft fair at a nearby military base. We had every intention of doing a little Christmas shopping, but were swept off our feet by "Vintage Bling," a local artist who uses old earrings and brooches to create new pieces. Being the old soul that I am, she had me at vintage. And if it sparkles too? Sold. 
 I couldn't resist wearing my new necklace immediately, and, of course, not taking it off for the remainder of the weekend. 
 [Shirt: Gap, Sweater: H&M, Pants: Target, Boots: Icora]
Even though the eye-catching piece makes such a dramatic statement, it is remarkably versatile, and I was able to transition it seamlessly into a more casual look for Sunday afternoon.
 [Top: J. Crew (thanks TBT) Jeans: Target, Moccasins: Minnetonka]
[mom's necklace was made by fastening an earring to a locket!]

I love buying things that are one of a kind, and there is something so special about wearing antique jewelry. As I imagine the story behind each piece, I cannot help but wonder if the strand of pearls used in my necklace were a girl's 16th birthday present. Or maybe a stylish lady wore these earrings to a festive Christmas bash. And as for the brooch, can't you just picture someone pinning it on for Sunday service? 

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