Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hi friends... Just wanted to pop in to say hello and fill you in on an amazing deal our friends at Williams-Sonoma are offering right now...

As you all know, I looove coffee, specifically lattes. I always start my day with one (or three) from the comfort of my own kitchen thanks to the Nespresso Pixie. This little machine is a life-changer. Seriously, perfect espresso, every single time, and zero clean up. (insert Hallelujah chorus) I use the Aeroccino Plus to froth my milk (perfection) and you can save $140 on the little duo if you hop on over to Williams-Sonoma right now (offer ends today.)

ALSO, with the purchase of your machine you will receive a $75 credit to purchase the Nespresso capsules (which are, in-sanely good, the absolute best quality, and ridiculously convenient.) 

Did I mention shipping is free?* Because it is. 

Tonto, jump on it. I ordered one, Rob ordered one, which basically means you should too. It makes a great gift (for yourself or someone whom you absolutely a-dore**)
*Enter the code: "ship4free" at checkout. 

**It Takes Two reference? #duh

p.s. The ideas expressed in this post are my own. I was in no way compensated by Nespresso, Williams-Sonoma, Bill Clinton, etc. etc. etc... Just a recommendation from a friend to a friend. :)

p.p.s. Notice anything looking extra festive? I decked Soliloquy's halls yesterday! Holly jolly... [Photos 1 and 3 are by Taylor (always give credit where credit is due...)]

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