Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shameless Saturday

Hello dear darlings... after two wildly productive days, today is reserved for relaxation. The morning was spent cuddled up in comfy slippers and cozy blankets and now I'm off for an afternoon at the spa.* Tough life, eh? I hope you have a most enjoyable weekend, too. 

Hey! It's ok...

...if over half of your iTunes library consists of Christmas music (and if you've already started listening to it, shamelessly.) print the photo where you look best, even if your bff's eyes are closed. already start planning outfits for holiday soirees (before the invites start rolling in)
[I mean hey, with cocktail dresses like this at Forever21 for under $25, how can you not start brainstorming?!]

*No but really, I swear I'm not a total diva. In all my traveling these past few months, I seem to have injured my back. My PT thinks my sacrum slipped during my flight home from Hawaii, so I'm hoping that ice and today's massage will do just the trick. 

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