Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reasons to Smile

I'm having an off day. 

I've narrowed it down to several things...
-Final exams start tomorrow... bleh.
-Yesterday was one of my most favorite friends turned 21. It was fabulous, but it reaffirmed the fact that I am 4 months away from this rite of passage.
-Girl drama. Enough said. 
-I have a 20 page paper (literally) due May 5th... that I am yet to start.
-Mt. Vesuvius relocated to my face (Thanks a lot, stress and hormones. You rock.) 

I'm whiny, cranky, blah. 

When I feel like this it helps to think of some reasons to smile (what up, Pollyanna?). Here's my list.

Reasons to Smile:
-Oreo milkshakes (I tried my first one LAST WEEK. I've always been an M&M girl but oh goodness. Addicted.)
-My mom will ALWAYS take my side
-One week from tomorrow exams and papers will all be a thing of the past... at least temporarily 
-My roommate Jordan. We are kind of in love. 
-"Dancing in the Moonlight" I can't hear this song without feeling a little bit happier. 

Having an off day too? Here's the song just in case! 

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