Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall... on a budget.

I'm baaaack! It was an absolutely amazing time and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go. It truly was a life-changing trip, not just for me but for the thousands of lives that are being impacted by the Water to Wine Project. (For more details visit the blog... more to come later, too!)

Temperatures were nice and cool when we got back in town Saturday evening, but it looks like we brought the heat with us... 70s all week? I mean I'm not complaining, but Thanksgiving is still next week, right? Anyways, in the spirit of autumn, here are five fall favorites... all for under $10! Madness I tell you, madness.
1. Martha White Apple Cinnamon muffin mix (made with whole grains... win!)
I got this a few weeks back just to have on hand in a pinch (i.e. when I'm out of cereal, eggs, bread, etc) Apple cinnamon is so quintessentially autumn, and you only have to add milk and these little things are ready in 15 minutes. I also added about a half a cup of chopped pecans and sprinkled the tops with cinnamon sugar before baking (because I mean hey, can you ever truly have enough cinnamon?) They were delish. And the mix costs less than a dollar.
2. "October Road" by James Taylor Buy the whole CD on iTunes for $9.99 or just the song for 99¢
3. These fragrance beads from Pier 1 are especially perfect if your apartment complex doesn't allow candles (... I know, right?) and on a whim you decide to abide by that rule one day (or if you choose to use it in addition to your contraband candles.) I have Golden Apple Orchard, but Asian Spice sounds delightful too. $5
4. While we are on the subject of fragrance, did you know that Febreze makes seasonal scents? Well, I didn't until I saw this Pumpkin Harvest and Fall air effects spray. It is perfect for when we "forget" to take the trash out (right, Britney and Jordan?) And you didn't hear it from me but the Christmas fragrances may or may not be making an appearance in stores now. $3
5. I just finished reading the November 2010 issue of Cooking Light and gracious it's a good one (then again, Cooking Light it always a good one) This month's edition is loaded with recipes for making the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and simple, healthy, weeknight dinners in a flash. $4.99


  1. Glad you are back........I found myself missing this, especially on Fridays!!!

  2. I love golden apple orchard! I have the candles and the soap in my kitchen. It smells soooo good!!! When I wash my hands I want to eat them.



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