Friday, November 19, 2010

Guilt-free Friday!

Friday Friday Friday! It has been a long and busy week, getting settled back in and all, but this morning I woke up feeling refreshed, relieved, and thankful that God is so faithful. Plans for the weekend? Incredible sushi (we definitely didn't have any in Africa), a huuuge group project (blahhh), and counting down the seconds until Thanksgiving! Hope your weekend is productive, too! 

Until next time... Hey it's ok...

To have a complete emotional breakdown when the pants you had planned on wearing for your interview are 2 sizes too big. Or you can't find a parking space at the library after circling for 20 minutes. Or when you realize you're out of Whole Grain Goldfish. And to blame it all on the jet lag. 

To opt for turning the living room into a second closet rather than actually unpacking. 

If the only "healthy choices" you've made lately are frozen dinners. 

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