Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for...

I'll be heading home this afternoon to spend some time with my family for Thanksgiving, so it only seems right to be conting my blessings. Here are a few things I'm thankful for this morning.

1. Fresh Market. Because they understand the fact that dark chocolate is infinitely better than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate covered pretzels? Things are looking up.

2. The nice man who let me over in crazy Wilmington traffic when there was a wreck in my lane. I didn't even have to ask or look pitiful (which, let's face it, I've gotten pretty good at lately). He waved me over before I could even realize that traffic was starting to get crazy

3. At approximately 3:15 today I will be completely finished with presentations for the semester. (I just have to survive two today. Yikes.)

4. The boy who works at the coffee shop is singing Frank Sinatra right now. Not only can he make a decent latte but he sings too? Again, things are looking up.

5. Red wine, friends who make me laugh (with or without the wine) and family that supports me no matter what. (Oh and a fabulous pair of heels and jeans that make my bum look mega cute... just sayin.)

The list could go on and on (access to clean water, security in knowing I am relentlessly loved by the creator of the universe, the fact that I just saw a guy wearing a UK t-shirt (gooo Wildcats!), or even the fact that someone who works at OPI shares my affinity for all things that sparkle...) But you get the point. I am so blessed and I just love that we have this time of year to reflect on that and give thanks. 

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