Friday, July 27, 2012

Lessons, lately...

Sometimes you just need to hear your mom say, "I'm proud of you." Those 4 words can be remarkably reassuring, even when you're not so sure yourself. It's funny, because deep down I always know my mom is proud of me (just like I never question if my parents love me) but there are little moments in life when hearing those words can be so powerful and encouraging. I hope when I'm a mom, I know when to say them.

And even at 22, your dad can fix anything. He's the person I call when my iPhone is acting up (even though he isn't tech savvy... in the least) or when the water goes out mid-shower (mid-shampoo, nonetheless) and I have to be at work in 30 minutes (yep, that happened this week too.)

Know what makes you happy. I'm not talking promotion at work, new car happy. Coming home to a clean house and a glass of wine. A little something sweet. Glossy magazines. And take measures to ensure your happiness. Tidy up before you leave the house. Keep a bottle of wine in the fridge and a bar of quality dark chocolate in the pantry. Subscribe. 

Not to sound like a Jewel song, but there's something to be said for your heart & intuition. Listen to your gut. That nagging, gnawing feeling, the voice that says something's off. I've spent years trying to ignore it, writing it off as anxiety, fear, insecurity, and worry. But time and time again, life proves it right. The people you were leery of, the places you didn't want to go... right time and time again. 

New clothes. When all else fails, new clothes.

Go the extra mile. I wish I could say I've been doing this, but really I'm learning it from having other people do it. Example: A few nights ago, a friend offered me a bite of her turkey burger. I started to take a bite and then said "Oh, I don't like onions." So she pulled them off and passed the burger my way. Last night, she made Thai Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce. And brought me a separate container... without onions. This small gesture of friendship, movingly thoughtful, made my night. All I could do was wrap her up in a big hug. I want to be that person.   

As for reading in bed: stemless wine glasses for the win. Seriously, why didn't I realize this before now?
[p.s. I'm currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin & enjoying very much. It may have indirectly contributed to Lesson #3.]

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  1. Such a great post for a Friday.

    A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.
    Proverbs 15:13

    Have a good weekend!



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