Tuesday, July 3, 2012

She was... An American Girl

Well friends, are you gearing up for Independence Day? I must say it is one of my favorites... a house full of family, gorgeous, sunny beach days, watching fireworks from the boat, and eating so much delicious food (all while wearing a bikini... makes for quite an adventure.) And such a welcome break in the middle of summer. 

To prep for the week's festivities, my mom and I got mani/pedis yesterday (for America) and it left me feeling pretty patriotic from tip to toe. 
[Red Lights Ahead... Where? and Simmer and Shimmer]

The cute Vietnamese girl who did my nails realllly tried to talk me out of the blue sparkles on my fingers (she knows I usually go for coral, red, or orange) but I tried to explain that it was my civic duty to sport red, white, and blue this week. She wasn't buying it. 

I really love it though. It's super fun. And looks like fireworks on my nails. 

And, in case you were wondering, this song will certainly be blasting out my speakers for the next few days...
There's just something about driving around with the top down, hair blowing like crazy, and belting this song. That's America. 

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