Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fall swaps

It's not quite fall yet. In fact, I very much fell in love with late summer this same time last year. The mild days, empty beaches... I don't hate it. But, as we do with anything, I find myself constantly looking forward whatever is next, the sweet season lingering just beyond the horizon (only a few more days!) 

On Thursday I'm off to Florida, visiting my BFF and working in the office a few days, but I think the timing of the Autumnal Equinox couldn't be more perfect! I'm considering this trip my last hurrah of summer... short dresses and bold colors, and then when I get back I can fully embrace the new season. These are the swaps I fully intend to make, as the air gets a little cooler, crisper and the leaves begin to change. 

I'll trade...

Coral for Cranberry. My go-to color for summer will be replaced by a warmer, richer, yet equally vibrant hue. I have big plans for this top by Cynthia Rowley. Big plans, I tell you.  
Sandals for Moccasins. I love my gold, strappy sandals, but moccasins are made for jumping in leaves. Minnetonka is the only way to go. 
A True Ab-Original for Skinny Dip'n in Lake Michigan. My nail polish all summer long is bright and punchy, and though I'm not quite ready for the dark, moody shades of winter, I'm ready to embrace shimmery, muted neutrals. 

Tanks for Undone Oxfords. To quote my brother (directly) "When the sun's out, the guns are out." I'm not going to comment on his affinity for the tank mank top, but I will say I've exercised my right to bare arms all summer. Now I'm ready to ease into cooler weather with classic oxfords, buttoned up just enough with sleeves haphazardly rolled.

Leather for Suede: I love leather year-round. (Sorry PETA people) But now that suede is finally seasonally appropriate, I can't wait to incorporate it into some of my favorite looks. 
(I'm lookin at you, MacAlister Wedges!)
Iced Lattes for Chai Lattes: I've never been much of a Chai girl (I swear espresso runs through my veins,) but the spicy aroma is hard to resist this time of year. 

So tell me, how do you plan on embracing autumn?


  1. Those moccasins are adorable! I am so excited for autumn. I probably jumped the gun by breaking out the dark, dark purple polish. Oops. ;)



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