Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seasonal Brews

So, maybe I forgot to tell you, but I stared drinking beer. I know, right? Totally weird. My mom still cringes at the thought. She really hates beer, and I never really liked it either. And then on Cinco de Mayo, I tried a sip of my brother's Dos Equis Amber (a beer that I had certainly tried before) and suddenly I liked it. It's weird. Your taste buds just change I guess. So all summer long, I sipped Michelob Ultra on the beach and I drank Dos Equis with Mexican (if a grapefruit margarita wasn't an option.) I still haven't found an IPA I can tolerate, but baby steps, right? Besides, despite the glasses, I never could quite cut it as a hipster anyway.

It's no secret that I love all things seasonal, so what better way to embrace fall than with these seasonal beers? 

1. Sam Adams Octoberfest My brother told me to try this, and then one night at work 2 girls came up to me separately and said they couldn't wait to have one after work. Oddly coincidental, I took that as a sign to give it a try and I picked up a 6 pack on my way home. Since then, I've purchased several more 6 packs, much to the detriment of my waistline... Fortunately though, the advent of fall beer coincides perfectly with the end of bikini season, so I don't mind trading one 6 pack for another. I'm dying to try their Hazel Brown, also from the Harvest collection.
2. Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale. I had this in Fort Lauderdale at my favorite bar, Tap 42. The last time I went I sipped wine (which is pretty much hypocrisy at a place like that...) but this time Erin and I sampled pints of seasonal beer. This was our favorite, especially when they served it in a frosty pint glass with a cinnamon sugar rim! My sweet mom picked up a 6 pack at a specialty store in Virginia, and I've been rationing them out until I can find a retailer nearby. 
3. Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale. I haven't tried this yet, but I feel like Blue Moon is the typical girl beer, so the pumpkin varietal is sure to please, no?
So tell me, what are you sipping on this season? In addition to all this beer, I've found myself craving Makers Mark (rocks, splash of water) and I've transitioned back to red wine... bring on the cab!



  1. Hazel Brown is my favorite. SO GOOD!

  2. haha yay for beer! My mom doesn't really like that I drink beer either...&& Sam Adams Oktoberfest is one of my favorites! I am loving going into Total Wine and trying out seasonal brews...if I don't like it Chris will drink it. So glad to have another beer drinker around ;)



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