Saturday, May 18, 2013

Is it normal?

Is it normal...

to love this Robyn Pandora station as much as I do? 

for your DSLR to collect dust while your iPhone camera roll is full?

how much I love clothes and hate laundry?

for Fabolous lyrics to resonate the same way Austen and Hemingway and Fitzgerald speak to your soul? And to honestly believe "You Be Killem 'Em" is about you? "Enough class for wine, still handle Patron..." um helloooo... #itsyagurl

Things have been kind of crazy lately. Busy. Weird. Fun. I feel like I've been going non-stop and it has left me feeling a little compromised, creatively speaking. It hasn't been all work, I assure you. There has been a lot of fun (at times a bit too much fun...) These past few weeks I haven't really made time for getting organized, centered, and focused and it's catching up with me. This weekend will be a bit of a much-needed slow down. But just to fill you in, here's what you missed...
I talked about this poem here, and then planted my own (mini) garden...
[basil, something pink, parsley]
And sure as the devil, flowers came just days later. Life's funny like that. It has a way of surprising you, really catching you off guard. And even when it's not what you were expecting or what you thought you wanted, it reminds you not to give up on what you really want, what your heart believes you deserve. It won't steer you wrong. I've spent so much of my life thinking expectations are a bad thing. Shakespeare even said, "Expectation is the root of all heartache." But I'm realizing that isn't entirely true. Expectations are the natural byproduct of standards, and having standards is never a bad thing. If something or someone isn't living up to your standards, don't waste your time.  
2 consecutive Wednesday nights on the patio at RuckerJohns... live music, yummy food, and fun friends. Perfection.
And speaking of friends, this little angel made her way back for a visit.
This boy graduated! I wore Michael Kors... to die, righttt? 
And I've been working on my tan... beach with girlfriends, pool with the sweet baby pup... I'm and equal opportunity sunbather.
And in an attempt to get my butt in gear (and because it was the free App of the week from Starbucks) I downloaded Clear. List-makers, enjoy. Not only is it great for managing tasks, to do lists, and reminders, but it gives you these fun little quotes... and I'm a total quote junkie. 

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