Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shameless Saturday

[quote by Veronica Shoffstall, full poem here]
Hi kittens. Happy weekend to you. Anything fun going on? I'm planning on getting some plants planted. Or something like that. The very thought of me being responsible for sustaining the life of something else is laughable at best, but when I look out my kitchen window at my delightful little patio, I find myself thinking, "Well, maybe..." 

I can't help but wonder if it will be the same way with kids one day. I hear babies crying now and I think "Never, ever..." But maybe, someday I'll watch my husband flipping flapjacks on a Saturday morning, or I'll puff up in pride as he scores the winning goal in a pick-up game and I'll think to myself "Well, maybe..."

Maybe that's what makes it love. It's not believing in someone else, it's finding someone who who makes you believe in yourself. 

For now, it's a few hearty herbs and maybe a geranium. But I can't help but think "Well, maybe, someday, something more..."

Enjoy the weekend. Make it beautiful. xo

Hey! It's ok...

...if you don't really know what a "spirit animal" is, but you're fairly certain if you had one, it'd be Sauvignon Blanc

...if painting your nails typically takes the top spot on your to-do list.

...if you do too many squats and lunges to wear anything with an asymmetrical hem. "If yo mama gave it to ya baby girl let it show..." -Huey (aaand if a majority of your life lessons came from "Pop, Lock, and Drop It")

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