Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer. When my grandmother told me that she, my mother, and I had been asked to pray for families at our local gathering, I was hesitant. I just wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea, for whatever reason. I remember thinking, "Can't Dad just do it...?" But to stand together, as three generations praying for our nation and our families... pretty cool stuff. 

This is my prayer...

Abba, Father

I come before you today your child, your daughter.

I thank you for the life you have given me. For the unfailing love of a Savior who died for me. And for the unwavering support of family who cares me. 

Today I lift up the women who don't have this support system. All over the world, we are enslaved. To habits and addictions we can't seem to break. Held captive by unhealthy relationships that refuse to loosen the grip. We are imprisoned by our thoughts- fear, worry, depression. Some are subject to relentless physical labor, without compensation. Others are victims of sexual slavery,  robbed of their innocence, dignity, and self-worth. Loosen the chains that bind, Father, set your daughters free.

I lift up the children today that will be mothers tomorrow. Let them know that unprepared is so vastly different from unplanned, and that you have the perfect plan for the life that grows inside them. Change the attitudes of this community of faith. We so wrongly have sent a mixed-message to these girls, proclaiming the virtue of life while simultaneously looking down on the young women who have made this remarkably brave decision. The glow of pregnancy has been traded for shame and scorn because of their circumstances. This must change. Help us to love all mothers and all children, just as you have loved us: unconditionally. 

Raise up this next generation as leaders, fearlessly carrying out the work you have set before us. We are Yours. 
[blurry iPhone photo captured by Dad]

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  1. tearfully beautiful, and incredibly powerful. I know why she wanted to you to join them. You did a fantastic job...

    and on a totally superficial note:
    your coat! I die.
    actually all 3 generations of women look stunning, as always :)



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