Monday, July 12, 2010

back in action

Well, after a whirlwind week, I am home. I got to spend a few relaxing days in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. It was nice to escape the scorching temperatures and and enjoy long hikes all over the mountain, leisurely dinners, and countless cups of cappuccino.

(Dinner at Duner's in Charlottesville was delicious)

(I swear he's thinking of jumping... haha)

After Wintergreen, VA we headed to Salisbury, NC (home of Cheerwine.... yuck) to spend a few days with my boy's darling family.

(A Carolina thing? Or maybe just a Salisbury thing...)

Then we continued the tour de North Carolina by meeting friends for a late lunch and a little shopping in Raleigh.

(I got this dress)

(Taylor got these shoes)

We finished things up with a relaxing day in the sun at Wrightsville Beach. Jordan has all the pictures of that, though! 

In other news, tomorrow I will be starring in a never-before-seen episode of True Life: I have been on vacation all week and spin class is going to kick my butt.  Trust me, you don't want to miss this.

1 comment:

  1. cait im so glad you had a good time!!
    maybe next year we can FINALLY have girls weekend in wintergreen like weve been trying to do FOREVER!!

    also-my dad use to o to salisbury all the time to bring back all this cheerwine. needless to say i dont like it either. lovvvv you



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