Wednesday, July 28, 2010

shorts story

So, as stated Monday, I have been loving heels. Can't get enough of them. I started out just wearing them with flowy sundresses and summery skirts, but this weekend I even paired them with ... wait for it... shorts. And they didn't even look trampy or stripperesque! I'll admit that I was skeptical at first, but it honestly can make your legs look a mile long. To avoid being mistaken for one of Tiger's cronies, I made sure my heels weren't too sky-high. I opted for these:
"Kamera" by Madden Girl. I purchased these back in January, but I have been delighted by how seamlessly they transcend seasons! 

Next, I chose shorts that were not too tight or short. Mine were a classic, tailored fit from J. Crew in a dark-wash linen denim. These from Forver 21 would be cute too. 
I finished it off with a breezy, racer-back silk top. (A TJ Maxx find, of course) Here's a few cute ones from (again) Forever 21:
Abstract Ethnic Woven Tunic (looove the detail on the back)
Satin Big Bow Top (there is a zipper on the back to balance out the girlishness of the bow!)

Well I guess that's enough of this... I don't want to strain my arm patting myself on the back, but I will say that the look turned out quite nice. 

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  1. first off...shorts with heels are so cute!! im glad you didn't look stripperesque you crazy thing.
    secondly...steve madden shoes is offering 50% off their clearance price of shoes if you use clearance50 just thought id share!



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