Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School?

Isn't it funny how the balmy breezes of July can barely whisper a salty goodbye before August is here in all her back-to-school glory? I still have sand in my hair from days spent at the beach, and now I'm supposed to pick out school supplies?

This weekend was "tax-free weekend" in North Carolina, meaning the 7% was lifted on all back to school essentials (yes, clothing is included in that.) I have no interest in even thinking about notebooks and pens for at least another week and a half, but I did start itching to buy some fall wardrobe essentials.

Last night while my youngest brother stocked up on paper, pencils, and an entire spectrum of folders at Target, I picked up these necessities:

And of course, a pair of dark skinny jeans that will tuck into boots perfectly (That is, when temperatures finally start dropping in, say, November?) 

There's something about an oxford that makes me feel so ivy league, so as soon as fall is on the horizon I start craving them. Here's a few loves from J. Crew:

And why stop with just an oxford? This blazer would be so cute over top of any of these shirts:
And I love this bag for lugging books around. It has the same classic design as my Longchamp bag, but it isn't so cliche. 
One last thing. I'm taking my senior capstone this semester, and I will be required to wear business casual/professional for certain classes. Wouldn't this be lovely with black trousers and a pretty grey jacket? Or vice versa?



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