Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Ridge Pig

Every time we go to Wintergreen, we pass a plethora of unassuming barbecue joints. They have always caught my attention, but let's be real, I'm no Guy Fieri. I'm certainly not a food snob, but I just have never been so brave as to venture into a random hole-in-the-wall and order the biggest, manliest, meatiest thing on the menu.

On our most recent trip to the mountains, after too many hours in the car and fatigue and hunger taking over, Kelsey said, "I bet one of these places are really good." Well, we already had dinner reservations for that night, but we agreed that we would try one out for lunch. We selected the Blue Ridge Pig. Mainly because of the giant pig out front. Wouldn't you?
As soon as we pulled into the parking lot we could smell the smoky goodness, so we were excited. Verrry excited. 
I was expecting the barbecue to be good. Very good, in fact. What I was not expecting was the bun to be so delightful too. They even toasted it and everything. See?
So of course I'm going to tell you that it was absolutely heavenly, and if you're ever in the area you should totally try it. But also, be adventurous. Live dangerously. Fearlessly. When it comes to dives and everything else. Because one thing I have learned in my short little life, is that risk pays off. 

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