Sunday, August 8, 2010


Jordan and I have a lot in common. That is probably why we make such great roommates. I couldn't help but laugh this morning when I read her post about wanting to go on an adventure. I don't know if it is just the inner gypsy in me or what, but every so often I get the same restless feeling she describes in her post. I don't know what it is, but I start feeling like I just have to go somewhere. Anywhere. I start incessantly looking up flights on Kayak and I gravitate toward to luggage section of every store I enter.
Current cravings? San Francisco for fall break (hint hint... mom, dad, boyfriend... somebody... anybody?) And of course, New York in November (sorry, this one is only with Mamasita... it's tradish)
(blurry airport shot from last year's trip)
Not sure where you want to go? Check out the reFREAKINGdiculous "Explore" feature on Kayak. I am obsessed. You just enter your price range and your departure airport and it gives you a map of the world with potential destinations. The results look something like this:


  1. ah now I'm totally addicted to this. I'm telling Danny about all the places we can't afford to go. $5400 to Indonesia!

  2. ooh ooh ooh. i wanna go to san fran! ive never even been to california!!

    dont worry i am coming home to you soon little angel pumpkin!



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