Thursday, February 10, 2011

touches of Valentine's day

[Received this cute care package in the mail from my grandparents' church in Kentucky]
[It was filled to the brim with sweets and treats... lots of them homemade! Photo absolutely not staged...]
 [Annalees always remind me of my (other) grandma, and this adorable mouse was actually a gift from her!]
[Drinking coffee out of this cute Valentine mug which I may or may not use year-round...]
 [currently carrying this cheery, red purse]
[a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers in shades of pink adorns my bedside table]

How is Valentine's Day looking where you are?


  1. such beautiful photos! that care package looks absolutely amazing! and i love that winnie the pooh valentines mug! also love your blog, im a new follower x

  2. What a sweet package! Your reaction is priceless. :) Don't you feel loved?



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