Wednesday, February 9, 2011


“The moment you put on a 3/4 –length or bracelet sleeves, your arms will look longer and thinner. And what woman hates her wrists?” –Michael Kors (InStyle, February 2011)

If you ever need to know how to dress a woman’s body, ask a man. Seriously, when I read the “Kors Commandments” in this month’s issue of InStyle, I couldn’t agree more, especially with this one about baring your wrists. I have a rather petite frame, so my wrists are obnoxiously small. I used to hate it, but they have grown on me and now I am particularly fond of their dainty, delicate appearance.

I have been mindful of Michael’s instructions these past few days (at times pushing up/folding long sleeves when I wasn’t wearing a bracelet sleeve) and I must say it makes such a difference. It's no wonder all the J. Crew models have their sleeves pushed up... smart styling, just look. Anyways, try it, you’ll like it. 
You don't have to be a J. Crew model to look long and lean and have boys stare at you like her (disclaimer: I can't actually guarantee that last part)
Just wear this! That's my plan at least.

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  1. Such a good and smart idea.
    I also like how dainty my wrist are, it makes me feel so feminine!



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