Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Happy February! I've always been particularly fond of this month. I think it's because she never overstays her welcome, being only 28 days long (29 max). Oh, and of course because of Valentine's Day. Don't you just love Valentine's Day? I do, and I think I owe it to my mom. She didn't raise me to be one of those miserable girls who needs a boy to be happy or to enjoy this most glorious day. At a young age Valentine's Day emerged as my favorite minor holiday... from heart-shaped pancake breakfasts to cereal box mailboxes stuffed with cards and confectioneries, what's not to love? Oh, and of course chocolate. Lots of chocolate. So, consider this a warning. The next two weeks in Soliloquy Land may or may not be moderately Valentine's inspired, not a crazy-mushy-sappy-lovey-dovey-over the top gush-fest just a light sprinkling of pink, red, all things love in addition to the regular chatter.* Deal? Ready, set, go!

*That means that this is not going to turn into a tumblr. :)

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