Monday, January 31, 2011

skillet cookie

Is it dark and grey where you are? I woke up feeling a little overwhelmed this Monday morning (just as you should after a luxuriously relaxing weekend) and I can't decide if it really is particularly dull outside or if I had just grown accustomed to the constant companionship of the sun these past few days.

Anyways, I'm busting my little buns to get some coursework completed in hopes of arranging a last minute trip to Wintergreen to play in the snow this weekend. Should I succeed, I will most definitely be recreating this little beauty, it will be the perfect treat after a day on the slopes. 
Last night my mom made this giant chocolate chip cookie in an iron skillet and it was per-fec-tion. She followed this recipe, but took it out 10 minutes early (good call... moms know everything) I will most definitely do the same and I'm toying with the idea of adding pecans.  

side note: remember when my mom made these yummy cinnamon rolls in this same iron skillet? I'm noticing a trend. A very tasty trend, indeed. 

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