Wednesday, January 5, 2011

girly, dainty, pretty

I just love the chic femininity of muted neutrals, ruffles, and lace. As stated before, I am unabashedly girly, and I just adore pieces like these: 

girly, dainty, pretty

1. House of Fraser Pink Cocktail Dress
2. Gold Bow Ring
3. Ruffle Front Lady Coat
4. Cameo Pendant
5. Lace Slip Dress  (love, love, looove the idea of a demure, vintage-inspired slip peeking out under an elegant dress)
6. Kate Spade Gold Coast Lauralee (I have it in gold, but I'm so tempted to purchase it in black too!)
7. Betsey Johnson Lace Tights 
8. Christian Louboutin platform pumps


  1. How fun to find another Carteret country girl in the blogging world! Looks like you are doing well! :) I love that lace silk dress. If you ever want to visit Chicago, you have a free place to stay!

  2. I love all of these, especially the bow ring!

    P.S. I love the story about you and your friend pretending to be engaged! That's hilarious--I love it! Thanks for following my blog, hope you're having a wonderful week!

  3. I am loving your girly dainty pretty fashion trend. Its a simple and wonderful collection of fashionable accessories. This accessories are too good as the name is. So lovely. ladies denim shirt is another fashionable dress.



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