Monday, January 10, 2011

there's nothing sweeter, finer...

Is there anything more delightfully beautiful than waking up to a blanket of fresh snow? As I peeked out my window this morning I half expected to be disappointed by dark, dreary skies and gloomy puddles on the ground. But instead a winter wonderland lay waiting. It's funny how snow can do that... an ordinary sidewalk becomes an invitation, an adventure waiting to happen. For now though, I am content just pouring another cup of coffee and watching it fall. 
[the view from my cozy spot in bed]
[If only we had a fireplace in our little apartment! This picture is from the last time it snowed.]


  1. What a cozy view! I wish I could burn candles in my apartment. :)

  2. Oh, I love that feeling of expecting nothing and peeking out a window to see everything covered in white! It seems like everyone got snow today, but in Savannah it's just cold and rainy.

    P.S. Your window nook is too cute!

  3. Just a magical day here as well. We got around 4 or 5 inches and the kis are out of school again today! We had a fire going all day!



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