Wednesday, January 26, 2011

messy hair

All the cool girls have messy hair. Seriously. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not talking "crazy-trashtastic-dirty hippie-Taylor Momsen" style locks. I'm thinking more along the lines of "flirty-fun-just got back from the beach in Rio-clean hippie-J. Crew model" style hair. But here I am with tangled tresses that won't hold a curl for 2 hours. It can be pretty frustrating.* Honestly, the only time I ever need to use a hair straightener is to iron an unruly shirt collar. 

When I saw this print on A Cup of Jo a few weeks ago I fell in love...
And I have spent the past few days fully committed to making messy hair happen. This is what I'm going for...
But this is what I ended up with...
1. Why hello nappy little dreads, I didn't see you back there! Fail. But it did inspire me to call and schedule a trim. 
2. The fishbone braid was significantly more successful, but by 5:30pm all of my shorter layers had worked their way out of the braid, so I ended up looking like Posh Spice with a braided rat tail peeking out. Barf. 

If only I were as committed to my studies as I am to this holy grail of hairstyles I would be set. (Ha... set!)

*isn't there a country song about this? "The straight haired girls they all want curl and the brunettes wanna be blondes..." oh gosh I'm probably showing my southern roots (ha... roots) a bit much...


  1. Cute! I love the messy bun look, especially when paired with the chunky scarf. Cozy, yet somehow elegant.

  2. Girl! Your hair is beautiful as is!!! But, if you really want the messy look, I think you need to concentrate on the front of your hair b/c the back will fall messy naturally. Well, mine always does. For the beach look, I take a waver to my roots (to add random dimension and waves), a curling iron to my ends of my hair and then the waver again to a few sparatic pieces throughout my hair to add random wave and dimension. And poof - awesomely perfect messy hair - I swear! Try it...

  3. I think your hair looks gorgeous :) I am trying to grow mine back out to that length, but right I have the same trouble - It won't hold a curl. I hate shampooing it every day, but to get anywhere with it I have to squirt a lot of product into my tresses. *sigh* This is our battle. hehe. Sea Salt spray does wonders for my hair, it texturizes things quite nicely. You should try it out :)



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