Thursday, June 24, 2010

golden girl

I'm a bit of a golden girl (see here.) I love gold. Silver is pretty, too (or white gold, platinum, yadda yadda yadda.) And I most definitely wear both. But there's something so pretty about the way a gold ring or bracelet shimmers on sun-kissed skin.

Yesterday I was browsing through the Kate Spade section at a local department store (kind of like an alcoholic checking out the bars) and this little beauty caught my eye told me I can't live without her.

Meet the Gold Coast Lauralee by Kate Spade. Heaven. She was still full price, and in lieu of the recent addition of another darling purse (see here for details) I decided to resist temptation.

Fast forward 12 hours later and I wake up to a facebook message from my darling mother. That little temptress sent me a link to another department store's website that has the purse on sale. I think the universe is telling me to buy the bag.

It is the most perfect bag for any dressy occasion. I would never carry a clutch again. And the long, pretty strap would be perfect to sling across my body so I can still dance all night (the fact that I can't dance to save my life doesn't even matter because the bag is that perfect.)  

Well kittens, what to do? Is she the one?

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