Wednesday, June 15, 2011

birthday cookies

On my sister's 14th birthday, I promised we would make her favorite cookies (white chocolate macadamia, of course) Today she turns 15, and I am embarrassed to admit that we didn't make her "birthday cookies" until a few days ago. That's almost one year late. (I like to tell myself it is because we wanted to make her birthday last longer, but truth is I'm just a terrible sister.) 
I'll admit it: I'm a texture junkie. When it comes to cookies (and pretty much anything else) my theory is pretty simple... more is more. When I saw this recipe I knew we had a winner, and Janie agreed (which was important because hey, they're her cookies after all.) 
They turned out absolutely perfect. Crispy, chewy, and the addition of semisweet chocolate was the perfect balance of flavor. (And we may have gotten a little heavy-handed with the macadamia nuts... but can you blame us?)
Happy birthday, princess! I couldn't be more proud of you. All my love. xo

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  1. so glad you enjoyed them! i love that they are more nuts/chips than dough. thanks for the link back :)



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