Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Saturday afternoon I loaded up and headed west to Salisbury, NC. It was so nice to put things on hold for a few days and just enjoy the little things in life, like sunshine on my shoulders, wine on the back porch, and evenings filled with laughter. 

The 9 hours in the car and 2 days of r&r gave me a much needed dose of perspective. This past month I have felt so much pressure to busy myself with resumes and applications and interviews, but this trip was the perfect reminder of what is truly important to me. My self-worth will never be tied up in a career or a salary. So for now, the job hunt is on hold, and my priorities for this summer include spending countless hours on the beach with my brother and sister, mastering the art of homemade ice cream, traveling as much as possible, chasing dreams beyond 9-5, and opening myself up to whatever God has in store for me. Because life is too short, kittens.
Favorite parts of the trip include...
1. Bouquets of blooms from street stands and front yards alike
2. Forgetting to take my camera. Not. (But that explains why all the pictures look so shoddy.)
3. Trip to Ikea (and a mutual agreement that antique furniture is superior to this factory-manufactured, cookie cutter, modern stuff you see everywhere today)
4. A delicious lunch uptown at Aria- Taylor's shrimp orzo was perfection and definitely worth re-creating (add that to my list of summer goals)
5. Riding bikes to get ice cream (oh, add a bike to my wish list)
6. Getting two flavors in one scoop. (T- vanilla and moose tracks, Me- Dutch chocolate almond and pecan praline) 
7. Almost mastering the chocolate souffl√©
8. Hearing Taylor's parents' engagement story (and other fun family memories)
9. Seeing some of our closest friends
10. Planning our next adventure!

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