Tuesday, August 2, 2011

croque madame meets steak & eggs

There are two ways one can approach the kitchen. Some see it as something to be conquered, a battle to be won. They arm themselves with the appropriate tools and ingredients, consulting recipes and cookbooks to develop a proper course of action. This method, at times, works. It is foolproof, predictable. But there is no adventure, no thrill, no surprises. When you approach the kitchen like an old friend, a beautiful transformation takes place. Suddenly, you begin to overlook the flaws and shortcomings and see her for what she is capable of. Stale bread becomes French toast, ripe bananas are turned to banana bread.

Last week I wanted something hearty for breakfast, but we didn't have any bacon. I decided to improvise, and made this sandwich using thinly sliced roast beef and leftover ciabatta bread. An egg (cooked over-easy) and cheddar cheese were the perfect finishing touches. I've decided, it doesn't have to be difficult to be utterly delicious.
 [croque madame meets steak and eggs]
"Learn to cook-- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all, have fun!" 
-Julia Child

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  1. Nothing like a runny egg. yum. And don't you just love Julia Child? xo



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